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At GeoBetty Tours we love riding mountain bikes.  Sometimes the rides are the adventure and sometimes the ride gets us to the adventure.

Just as in most outdoor destinations, the best things to do and places to see are usually well off the beaten path.  It’s possible to hike or drive off-road to some of these locations, but mountain bikes are often the best mode of transportation.  Amazing geologic, archaeologic and scenic features are frequently beyond the reach of our automobile-centric brethren.  Here are a few examples of gems we like to reach on adventures that begin on two wheels.

The El Capitan Trail from the Williams Ranch House offers stunning views of the Guadalupe Mountains.

There’s an old ranch house and one of the prettiest canyons in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  It is eight miles up a nearly impassable dirt road.  We load hiking gear plus a day’s worth of food and water on our bikes and transform a road that others consider a major impediment into part of a great day trip.  Ride in, hike around and then ride back out to see a place that fewer than 1% of the visitors to this park ever find.

Sometimes it’s best to leave your helmet on when hiking with GeoBetty Tours.

There are stunning canyons high in Franklin Mountains State Park that would take a hiker hours just to reach.  That doesn’t leave much time or energy to look around.  Fit and experienced mountain bikers can arrive at these locations much more quickly and then spend the day exploring on foot.

A primitive cavern in the Lincoln National Forest.

Primitive caverns can be entered on national forest land not far from El Paso.  We’re not talking about Carlsbad Caverns National Park, with its paved sidewalks, elevators and theatrical lighting.  These caves are found at the end of rough dirt roads and trails that are no wider than those used by mule deer.  Once you arrive your bike helmet and light become spelunking gear to go where few have before.

We’re happy when people join us for a hike or a mountain bike ride. Sometimes that uses all the time or energy available. But, if you are up for more, let’s strap on our day packs with hiking gear attached then head off on a bike ride that’s sure to turn into a truly memorable adventure.

Both hiking and biking gear are needed for this adventure!



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