What To Bring

Everyone Should Bring:

  • Appropriate clothing. Wear layers – the weather can and will change over the day.
  • A snack you can carry.
  • Sunscreen
  • Light gloves
  • Bottled Water
  • If you have a hydration or small pack (such as a Camelbak), bring it.
  • If hiking, appropriate footwear for rocky and uneven terrain.
  • Your camera!

What To Bring If You Bring Your Own Bike:

  • A working, real mountain bike with tire liners and /or heavy-duty tubes with sealant. (It’s rough here.)
  • At least one spare tube
  • A pump and/or CO2 cartridges and dispenser
  • Bike tools
  • Water bottle and/or hydration pack
  • Bicycle helmet (you cannot participate without a helmet!)
  • Bike gloves

Bike Rentals Available:

We partner with local bike shops to supply our clients with a late model mountain bike if you don’t
bring your own. It’s a great chance to test out a great ride on challenging terrain.

Bike Rental Charge: $35 per day.

What we supply if you rent a bike:

  • A high-quality, late model mountain bike set up for El Paso’s conditions.
  • Spare tube, CO2 cartridge and tools.
  • Flat or Shimano pedals
  • Bicycle helmet

Rental sizing: small, medium, large and extra large bikes are available. We size by rider height – give us your height and weight and we’ll choose the right ride for you.