“My work as a professional photographer and mountain biker naturally found me in El Paso, Texas.
Don Baumgardt and GeoBetty have been hugely beneficial for the assets gained during my time there.
His extensive knowledge of the city, trails, and light (yes, knowledge of light is HUGE) has made my
job not only easier, but more productive and fun. Every time I get a chance to go to El Paso, Don and
GeoBetty are the first people I contact and you should too!” Devon Balet – Grand Junction, Colorado

“The Geobetty crew has allowed El Paso riders to step up their game by providing a fantastic trail
map of the area and leading fun rides geared for different levels.  Now they’ve stepped up again by
offering guided service to El Paso’s visitors. If you want to ride the best of what El Paso has to offer,
have Geobetty take you there.”

Dave Wilson – El Paso, Texas


We all are very lucky that GeoBetty’s Don Baumgardt is finally offering mountain biking tours and
experiences in the Franklin Mountains. His knowledge of the area is unmatched as he has created the
definitive trail maps of the area. He knows these mountains like the back of his hand. He challenges
the very experienced rider with unexpected adventure. The entire GeoBetty staff brings confidence and
FUN to the trails. Riders couldn’t find better guides!

Beth Nobles – Iowa City,  Iowa

Whooooo!!! Mountain biking on our beautiful mountains. Super excited! I don’t think I’ve ever liked
El Paso more than today. I found my new cup of tea.

Vanessa Martinez – El Paso, Texas

Don is very accommodating and tailored the hike to what I wanted to see and do. I had a bit of a time constraint and he made plenty of suggestions of possible hikes. I highly recommend him and I will definitely call him again when I come this way. He mentioned he may have Guadalupe Mtn tours in the future…I will be waiting. I definitely got my money’s worth. 🙂

Bibi M. – Burleson, TX

Having lived in El Paso for over 30 years, I still enjoy finding undiscovered locations. Approaching retirement age (with a bad foot that doesn’t permit demanding hikes), I was looking for a way to continue these discoveries. A little web surfing found the website. Don arranged the perfect combination of driving and hiking, which revealed the lovely flora and fauna over the course of three hours on both the northeast and northwest parts of El Paso. We (my wife and I) had a great time and enjoyed learning from his knowledge of the plants/animals inhabiting these areas. For a newbie to El Paso, we recommend giving him a call, as he’ll provide a great tour that you would not be able to do on your own. For folks who have lived in El Paso for many years, we highly recommend taking a ‘vacation’ locally, and enjoying the knowledge and views we experienced for a very reasonable fee. We take tours when we visit new cities. We’re so happy we took this tour and saw El Paso from a very different perspective than what we’ve explored on our own. Kudos to geobetty tours for providing us a new look at our great city!

Barry L., El Paso, TX