What will you do if something goes wrong out there?  If you like to wander the Franklin Mountains (as we say, “WTF”) or even wander beyond El Paso’s mountains, then you know that something could go wrong out there.  Injuries and accidents happen.  That’s where Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training becomes important.

The Borderland Mountain Bike Association and the El Paso Museum of Archaeology have teamed with GeoBetty Tours to offer a WFA class in El Paso on the weekend of December 7, 8 and 9.  These courses are not often taught in El Paso so this class is an opportunity to learn without traveling. Continue Reading

Ride for Reading Epic, Part Two

Why do you ride?  For fitness?  For fun?  For friendship?  If you join us for Ride for Reading you’ll be riding for good and riding for memories.

Ride for Reading is a Nashville, Tennessee based not-for-profit that recruits bike riders who deliver books via bicycle to students in Title I schools.  The kids get to take these books home, often to houses without any children’s books before the delivery.  The riders help to spread a message of literacy and physical fitness and have some fun along the way. Continue Reading

Bike + Adventures

At GeoBetty Tours we love riding mountain bikes.  Sometimes the rides are the adventure and sometimes the ride gets us to the adventure.

Just as in most outdoor destinations, the best things to do and places to see are usually well off the beaten path.  It’s possible to hike or drive off-road to some of these locations, but mountain bikes are often the best mode of transportation.  Amazing geologic, archaeologic and scenic features are frequently beyond the reach of our automobile-centric brethren.  Here are a few examples of gems we like to reach on adventures that begin on two wheels. Continue Reading

Mine Tours in the Park

There’s a lot to see above ground in El Paso’s 26,000+ acre Franklin Mountains State Park. Big views, thorny plants, secluded canyons and unusual wildlife are everywhere.  Visitors can also see what a mountain looks like on the inside with a mine tour in the Tom Mays Unit of the park. Continue Reading

Bigger is Better

GeoBetty Tours was ready to go big.  Our team of six guides loaded 45 clients and their gear from the Detroit Hikers into five 15-passenger vans plus a luggage vehicle and prepared to leave El Paso for Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  It was the start of a five day whirlwind adventure that culminated six months of preparation.  Bert was in the front seat next to me and asked the question I knew would come sooner or later. “Do you get a lot of groups this size?”  I replied, “No, we’ve never had a group larger than six people for a day”.  Thankfully no one in the van freaked out. Continue Reading

Adventure Is Brewing – Craft Beer to Top Off Your Day

You’re gonna get thirsty out there… and hungry. A hiking or mountain biking tour in Franklin Mountains State Park is a great adventure. There are high peaks, thorny plants, and so much more wildlife than people expect.

After enjoying a GeoBetty tour you’ll be ready to refuel. Let’s finish the adventure off with a stop at an El Paso brewery for great beer and food! In conjunction with the folks at Visit El Paso we are offering a special Adventure is Brewing package from now until December 15, 2017. Continue Reading

An El Paso Southwest Reading List

This post and reading list were compiled for the Detroit Hiking Club which is coming to the region in a few months.  Others might find the list useful as well.  Feel free to leave your favorite titles in the comments section.

Many books and a few films come to mind when asked for reading suggestions about the El Paso southwest. Here are a few of my favorite titles:

You can’t go wrong with the books of Cormac McCarthy. This modern-day writer lived in El Paso for many years (just down the street from where I now live) and the area comes through in many of his works. Continue Reading

Even Desert Rats Need Water

Hiking and mountain biking in the desert around El Paso can turn any outdoor lover into a desert rat.  Three hundred-plus days of sunshine and nine inches of annual rainfall mean we can get out and after it just about every day.  Desert rats thrive where there are dusty trails, scorching sun and plants just looking for the opportunity to draw blood. Continue Reading

The Guadalupe Duathlon – A Unique Adventure

“Have you ever heard of the Guadalupe Duathlon?”  That’s what I asked Brissia and Tony.  Both are always up for an adventure. A truly memorable one was in order before we each headed our separate ways for a few months.  A true duathlon starts with a run, then there’s a cycling leg and participants finish up with another run. This outing called for a mountain bike ride, then a hike before mountain biking back out. Continue Reading

2017 Adventure for Detroit Hikers

Sweeping desert vistas, high mountain trails and secluded canyons all await the Detroit Hikers group on their November, 2017 adventure in the great southwest.  We’ve arranged an exciting itinerary that’s sure to invigorate, entertain and educate all who join us.

Arrival Day: Wednesday November 8       Everyone should arrive in El Paso, Texas on this day. We’ll gather at the Hyatt Place Hotel near the airport for an opening dinner with a presentation about the upcoming adventure.  It’s also where we’ll spend our first night.  This will be a great chance to reacquaint with your old friends and meet the guide team for the trip. Continue Reading