The Guadalupe Duathlon – A Unique Adventure

“Have you ever heard of the Guadalupe Duathlon?”  That’s what I asked Brissia and Tony.  Both are always up for an adventure. A truly memorable one was in order before we each headed our separate ways for a few months.  A true duathlon starts with a run, then there’s a cycling leg and participants finish up with another run. This outing called for a mountain bike ride, then a hike before mountain biking back out. Continue Reading

2017 Adventure for Detroit Hikers

Sweeping desert vistas, high mountain trails and secluded canyons all await the Detroit Hikers group on their November, 2017 adventure in the great southwest.  We’ve arranged an exciting itinerary that’s sure to invigorate, entertain and educate all who join us.

Arrival Day: Wednesday November 8       Everyone should arrive in El Paso, Texas on this day. We’ll gather at the Hyatt Place Hotel near the airport for an opening dinner with a presentation about the upcoming adventure.  It’s also where we’ll spend our first night.  This will be a great chance to reacquaint with your old friends and meet the guide team for the trip. Continue Reading

A Guadalupe and Carlsbad Adventure

The gang at GeoBetty Tours is excited to be planning an adventure for a group of Michigan hikers scheduled to take place this autumn.  Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns national parks are the featured destinations.

The steps on the Devil's Hall Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
The steps on the Devil’s Hall Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park encompasses over 86,000 acres that offers mountains of adventure options.  The mountains are actually an exposed limestone reef left behind by the Permian Sea that covered the area 250 million years ago.  Geologists travel from all over the world to learn from the exposed limestone cliffs. Continue Reading

An Epic Goodbye – A Friend Moves On

One of our kindred spirits is moving away.  After five whirlwind years as the interpretive ranger at Franklin Mountains State Park, Adrianna and her dog, Miss Kitty, headed off to live someplace new.  Continue Reading

No One’s Coming to Save You on the El Capitan Trail

“If something goes wrong, we’re not coming to save you”.  That’s what the ranger told us at the headquarters of Guadalupe Mountains National Park when we checked out a key to the gate for Williams Ranch Road. Continue Reading

It’s the Little Things – Wilderness First Aid

If things go wrong in the backcountry it won’t be because an asteroid falls on you.  A series of small errors, possibly combined with a bit of bad luck, is what leads to most of the really bad things that happen to people in the outdoors.  Continue Reading

Two-A-Days for Holiday Recovery

A week long Thanksgiving trip to see the kids means good food, loud talk, football and, unfortunately for me, less exercise.  No one in my tribe wants to be outside biking, hiking and exploring as much as I do. I have to just switch to idle mode at times like this.  Athletes often talk about recovery after an especially strenuous period of activity.  I needed it after an an extended period of sloth.

Continue Reading

The Buddy System

Paul invites me along whenever he finds some place scary to go.  The best location was the one I now affectionately call “the boneyard”.  It’s a spot in Franklin Mountains State Park with a natural spring, tree cover and deer bones scattered all around.  It’s a like a bar/restaurant with great food and drink – if you’re a mountain lion. Continue Reading