Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

With nearly a half a million acres of majestic mountains and open plains, this is one of America’s newest national monuments.  GeoBetty Tours offers mountain bike rides along the Sierra Vista Trail in the southern half of the monument.  Franklin Mountains State Park shares a border with the monument, so we can even arrange trips that start in one state and end in another.  Camping excursions are also on our agenda.


Mountain Bike Rides

Sierra Vista Intro Ride

Experience the thrill of mountain biking on one of the most beginner friendly routes in the region.    Rolling trails skirt the edges of the Organ Mountains and offer views far into the distance.  This is a fabulous trip to give those new to mountain biking a taste of why we love the sport so much.  The views are endless and photo opportunities abound.

Est. Time 3-4 Hours Price: $75 per person  Groups: $60 per person

Crossing the Line

Let’s make a run for the border, or at least the state line between Texas and New Mexico.  This adventure starts in New Mexico and follows relatively technical singletrack trails from southern New Mexico into Texas.  The adventure can be arranged as an out-and-back trip, a shuttle or we can even include a night under the stars.

Est. Time 3-5 Hours Price:  Starting at $75 per person  Groups: $60 per person (higher for shuttle or camping options.)