Hiking Tours – Franklin Mountains State Park

Nature Tour – Level 1

We’ll stop at several locations within the park and go on short walks to identify local plants and animals.  You will also see some incredible views of El Paso plus New Mexico and Mexico.

Est. Time 2-3 Hours Price: $65 per person  Groups $55 per person

Shaeffer Shuffle Level 3

This four mile loop offers secluded canyons plus hundred mile views.  Depending on the exact route you choose, elevation change will be between 500 and 1000 feet.  This route has a really remote feel to it – you’ll think you’re miles and miles from civilization when you’re actually still inside the city limits!

Est. Time 2-3 Hours Price: $65 per person  Groups $55 per person

North Franklin Peak / Level 5

Why not go as high as you can go?  At 7,192 ago sea level, North Franklin is the highest point in the Franklin Mountains. You can see the east and west sides of the city and so much else. On clear days peaks 110+ miles are visible in the distance.  This is an eight mile round trip with 2,400 of elevation gained (and then lost), so it’s challenging.  There’s nothing like standing at the highest point in a mountain range and looking down at the entire world around you.

Est. Time 4-6 Hours Price: $85 per person  Groups: $70 per person