Our company founder, Don Baumgardt, has over 20 years experience hiking and riding mountain bikes in El Paso and all over the United States. He made the successful map and web site of El Paso’s hiking and mountain biking trails for GeoBetty. It is the go-to source for local outdoor enthusiasts.

Don earned a Level One Instructor certificate from the International Mountain Bike Association in 2015.  He also spent 25 years publishing the El Paso Visitors Guide, so he knows his way around the city and region.

Whether hiking or biking, Don Baumgardt is always looking for adventure.

All our other guides are friendly, fun and knowledgeable. We can tell you about the mountains, local history and more.  On our mountain bike tours you can expect leaders with a great deal of experience and skills on the trails.

Tony Escalera loves exploring the high peaks and hidden canyons of the desert southwest.

Tony Escalera is an accomplished mountain bike rider who also loves climbing, hiking, camping and exploring. He’s constantly learning more about the natural environment of the Chihuahuan Desert. His enthusiasm is only surpassed by his energy level.

GeoBetty started as a web site with hiking and mountain biking trail information for El Paso and the surrounding region.  The internet domain name, GeoBetty, was chosen because it was catchy and didn’t tie the business to one locale or type of activity.  In 2015 the company expanded to begin offering guided tours in Franklin Mountains State Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park and the Lincoln National Forest.

Now that the owner, Don Baumgardt, has become the most recognizable face of the business he often threatens to change the name.  Clients and fans say “keep the name, it’s fun”. So, for now the name stays.

Let us take you on a great adventure in the region we love so much.